Quotes of the day.

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Quotes of the day.

It's Monday and I would like to welcome those who have been visiting our website. This week we have added a few quotes to our product collection to inspire and motivate you with photography. Over the years, I have often said certain phrases or short sentences that I wrote down on my mobile device. I have over 40 phrases and many more are being added each week.

I hope to create more posters with these quotes for you to hang in your home or office. I am also thinking of adding quotes from famous photographers, but I need to research whether this can be done due to copyright issues. It something I have thought about and discussed with a friend. 

Other news is that we are continuously adding other products to the collections including more images, frames and some home décor for photography lovers. If their is something you think should be on the site, please do contact us and we will consider adding it to our shop.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope you come back again.

Please send us any questions or comments by email. Much appreciated.